MetaX is dedicated to building blockchain-based protocols and decentralized applications for the digital advertising industry

Registry Coming This April!


The MetaX platform, powered by adChain, provides buyers with a scalable, trustworthy solution for tracking and verifying all advertising impressions


The MetaX platform, powered by adChain, gives sellers total control and the ability to retain integrity and full value of their content to attract premium ad spend

End-to-End Transparency
For the first time, brands and media buyers have a trustworthy holistic view of all data related to an ad impression
Exposes Fraud
Fraud can be identified and blacklisted in real time at a protocol level, routing out and neutralizing that fraud before significant damage can take place
Campaign Coordination and Auditing
Advertisers and publishers have a comprehensive audit trail for everything related to a campaign and the impressions where it ran
Cryptographically Secure Event Processing
Using the MetaX platform, advertisers and publishers can execute massive transaction volume while maintaining integrity and security of their impression data

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