MetaX Products
MetaX unlocks blockchain technology for digital advertising

The adChain Registry

The adChain Registry is a Token Curated Registry of domain names. It will be used as a base to provide the annual $72 billion digital advertising industry with a decentralized repository of domains accredited by adToken holders.

Advertisers will be able to utilize the adChain Registry as a public utility as it will help them protect their ad spend dollars against the estimated $16.4 billion ad fraud crisis.

The adChain Registry is currently in Beta on the Rinkeby Testnet.

Ads.txt Plus, is a decentralized application (DApp) currently deployed on the Ethereum testnet that leverages the blockchain to supplement ads.txt. We built a simple UI to enable publishers to add their sellers to the blockchain and for buyers to search for their respective publishers.

Ads.txt offers a simple and effective technical solution for publishers and content owners to list the authorized sellers of their inventory in a .txt file served from within the root path of their domain’s web server.