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We ❤️ the internet. Our platform, process and hundreds of auditors globally find user privacy violations, data workarounds and exploits in your data supply... so they can be fixed.

MetaX finds data problems …and helps you stop them.

Our Ongoing Push Page Research

We audited the global online advertising ecosystem with hundreds of people  to find the data supply exploits and workarounds that impact user privacy and the global data consent chain.

Our Platform

Our current Audits platform is getting a revamp for 2020. We’re signing up a limited number of clients for the initial beta…is your team ready to audit the data flow across your networks with hundreds of real humans and a shared time-based schema?

Our Process

Our analyst team has decades of combined experience in the online advertising industry. We’ve taken those skills and applied them to a data supply auditing architecture that uses hundreds of real humans across the world to document their real data flow. 

Our People

We’ve hired and trained hundreds of people across the world to help us audit the data flow on websites and online advertising networks. Moving forward, we’re applying a similar process to mobile apps, connected TVs and IOT home devices,  video game systems and more…

Our Products are Part of the Process

We have hundreds of people globally helping to audit publishers, apps and everything accessing the internet, and a team of experts building data-auditing products to help you and your team take action.  

Shared String Audits

We find data partners that generate or share userID strings to multiple parties outside their chain of consent. Do you have a plan when your data chain of custody goes haywire due to a missing Consent Security Policy? Do you know what insecure publishers are being exploited by Javascript piggybacking? We help you understand the data supply chain, and make it easy for your team to take action.

Publisher Red Team Assessments

Javascript is a metal foundry that can produce tools and weapons. Our team knows the difference between a hardened Consent Security Policy, a piggybacked Javascript Snippet, and an Attribution Fuzzer -- and we will help your team protect your user data and your value.

Refund Architecture Data Collection

The global advertising industry creates an "ad tax" that businesses of all sizes end up paying due to ad fraud and other technical problems. We monitor publisher infrastructure and data flow architecture to see how real user data flows through your networks and paid traffic channels. 

Online Advertising Refund Request Optimization

We're documenting publishers, ad networks, apps, and everything connected to the internet in order to help our clients submit the most effective refund requests. 

Publisher Network Audits

If you're buying ads on thousands of publisher websites and apps, do you have a plan to audit those same websites to monitor whether it remains a safe place for your brand and your spend?

Advertising Network Audits

Advertising networks are tough to audit, but we've got the expert team working with hundreds of human auditors across the world and a product architecture that turns analysts into superheroes.

Our Team & Community

Our Core Team

MetaX Staff & Partners

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We are committed to a cleaner, safer, better internet — and we’re bringing together hundreds of people across the world to get it done.
— Ken Brook, CEO